Storm 1250 Forage Harvester

Storm 1250 forage harvester or silage harvester, harvester or chopper is a farm tool that harvests forage crops for making silage from minimum effort to maximum efficiency

Technical Specification

Model Storm 1250
Side Width 3300 mm
Rear Width 1870 mm
Height 4350 mm
Working Width 1200 mm
Power Required 75-90 hp
P.T.O 540, 750, 1000 rpm
Number of Knife 12
Number of Drum 1
Number of Tire 1
Tractor Connection 3 Point Lifting System
Machine Working Speed  10 km/h
Capacity 40-50 tons/h
Machine Weight 1240 kg


Storm 1250 Forage Harvester Brochure

Download here our digital brochure of the Storm 1250 Forage Harvester


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